This is a blog of contradictions. I talk about religion, I talk about God, I talk about sex and erotic desire. It is all meant to be honest; it is not meant to be sacrilegious, although it may seem that way to some who might read it. This is just a recording of how my mind operates in this eternal tension between sex and spirituality.

Honesty is what I am striving for here. I am not intending to offend or shock although I may with my words. Some may wonder how I can talk about God and sex in such contradictory terms. I do not know the answer myself.

I think many others have these same contradictions but are embarrassed or ashamed to admit them. I believe in Christ. I am also a hyper sexual person too. Mabye others will find some meaning in what I write here. Probably not though. Oh well, I am a sex addict who loves God. What can I say? Leave it at that for now.


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