“In His will is our peace.” I came across this statement a while ago and how true it is. As I mentioned before on this blog, a Sunday which is free from serious sin is so much more satisfying than a Sunday filled with anxiety and agitation over a life lived in sin. Sometimes it amazes me how clear the distinction is between the two. Given the busy work schedule during the week, Sundays are the best day for serious and deep prayer. It all begins with Mass in the morning and the joy and peace that is carried on throughout the rest of the day as a result of attending Mass. Why should I ever allow myself to fall back into serious sin again? Yet the fear is there. We are surrounded by temptations and allurements. Many times in my life, even after being filled with the peace and love of God, I fell back into serious sin. But I know that with the help of God I can overcome these things. The key to it all is prayer. Without prayer we are so much weaker, almost helpless, in the face of serious sin and evil. And it is true that in His will that we find our truest, deepest and most everlasting peace.