Recently I have been thinking much on the allurement of evil and how that is contrasted with the power and goodness of God. Sin ultimately destroys. God always gives life. Why then in so many parts of my life do I fall back into sinful behavior, especially since I have known the peace and love of God? Evil is powerful and the enticements of the devil are many. The world today is particularly filled with temptations to sin and destructive behavior. For instance, the allurement of porn. Never in the history of the world has there been such access to so many explicit images as there is today. When we think of how this a phenomena that has only developed within the last fifty years and has intensified to a previously unimaginable level as we have today, especially through the explosion of the internet, we can see in very concrete ways how we are surrounded by a pervasive evil. Fortunately though I believe God has given us greater graces today to help us overcome this pestilence.

My own life has been a struggle in these different areas. Yet, all I can say after my experiences, is that the goodness of God is far greater, far more satisfying, far more joy giving, than the enticements of evil. I pray daily that I may not stray from the straight and narrow and that I may follow the light of God to true peace and happiness and everlasting life.