There is one more week until Palm Sunday and Holy Week.  Lent is almost over. In two weeks it will be Easter. So far, this has been a Lent of great spiritual rewards and depth for me.  God is truly great and loving.  Unfortunately time is short for tonight so I don’t have a whole lot of time right now.  I want to write more on all these things soon.

Blogging has been sparse of late. I am wondering about this whole blogging world at the moment. With eighty million blogs out there, what is the purpose of one more, such as mine? Plus the whole internet thing can be a bit strange at times. Why do I even feel the need to use a fake name for my writings? These are things I need to think about.

As far as faith, it continues to deepen for me. Perhaps the time has come for me to update this blog once again and become more open about things. I am not sure yet.