Are there too many blogs in the world? Sometimes when surfing the net I come across so many sites it is mind boggling. I believe there are something like eighty million blogs out there? So many people, so many opinions, some well written and some not so well written. Or perhaps should I ask the question: are there too many writers out there today? There is so much news, so much information, one blog alone can take hours and hours just to read. Life is too short to wade through all that information.

I think simplicity is a virtue, even when it comes to intellectual things. Well at least that is the case for me. After a while I simply cannot tolerate the amount of information, a lot of which is not entirely accurate. I can spend hours and hours reading something and in the end get nothing of true value out of it. Sometimes, perhaps most of the time for me, reading a few lines of poetry is worth far more than the mountain of news and opinions that are out there. I love having the opportunity to explore this stuff; yet sometimes it leaves me feeling depressed. I am not sure why that is. The vastness of it all seems so chaotic. I believe it was up until the beginning of the nineteenth century that someone could still read pretty much everything that had ever been written (and survived). There was less material. The question I ask is this: was it of a higher quality than the mountains of stuff out there today?