Once again I need to write about the joys of leading a simple life based in faith in God.  Sundays are a good day for this. As I was heading to Church this morning I thought of the difference of one life compared to another. In one life of mine, a former life, I might spend a Sunday morning waking up with  a woman in bed and missing Mass. I always disliked that, since attending Church on a weekly basis has been a part of my entire adult life. Whenever I missed Mass because I was living in sexual excess, I always felt like I was missing something very important and for reasons that were very wrong. It gave me a sense of being slightly cut off, if not very distant, from God and even myself. Now whatever woman I awoke with on whatever morning at whatever time in my past is long gone, nothing more now than a distant memory. I have many memories like that. If you accumulate enough of them, after a while they begin to become rather melancholic. Unhappiness was always the ultimate result of such behavior, eventually, when all the thrills of the sexual conquest eventually wore off.

But Faith, the Church and God always were, are still, and will always be there. They are not going to tell you someday that you are not good enough, that they need to find themselves, that they need to experience other people at the expense of you. Nor will they disappear at my own weaknesses and shortcomings. God will not go away even when I want him to go away. I have left many a woman as well as been left myself. Even when I was away, the Church was there, Christ was there. I thought this morning how the Church does not go away, how God does not go away, even when I stray. There is a strength, a stability, a joy and a peace in all that which is far superior to whatever pleasures I may have immersed myself in the past.  All those pleasures were nothing more than fleeting; but God is truly like a rock that is there forever. Choosing God makes so much more sense and has so many more rewards.

A life willfully lived in sin and a life fully lived in faith are truly two different things and the latter is far, far better.