One thing that I have learned in my life is that you cannot separate body and soul. For a some time now I have been trying to lead a different sort of life than the one I had lead for the previous year. And what have I discovered? That this new life is actually better than the previous one.

I had many wounds from the last year. When people come in and out of your life, when you exchange intimacies with this person and that person, it eventually effects your mind, body and soul. What is the point of it all? Where is the love? Yes, there is passion, yes, there is even intimacy, and of course there is much pleasure, but there is no love. In the end you are left with nothing except the memories. And even those can be a torturous because eventually you are going to desire to recapture those in some form or another. The game of seduction gets wearisome after a while. It is better to wait, to seek out love, to hope that God will provide, or that at least what is going on your life is guided by his will, that everything is for a purpose. Desires of course are still there, but desires are tempered, even improved, when rarified through faith.

And all those wounds that I caused by my behavior have begun to heal through God. The mystery of Christ’s sufferings and how we are healed through that is nicely expressed in 1 Peter 2:24:

By his wounds you were healed.

Yes, it is true.