My internet has been doing strange things lately making it difficult for me to blog. Hopefully the problem will get solved soon. Despite all its glory, technology can be a real pain too. Once you get used to having something as spectacular as the internet, doing without seem particularly painful.

So now Lent is upon us. For those of you non-Catholics out there, Lent is a period of forty days of fasting, almsgiving and prayer, or just penance in general, leading up to Easter. Some years I would take it more seriously than others. I think this year I will take it a bit more seriously. The custom now a days is to give up something for Lent. Usually I give up something like chocolate or sweets in general. One year I fasted for the whole period, but that can be rather difficult to do. Another year I tried to give up looking at beautiful women but that did not last too long. So now I try to abstain from things that seem more moderate and reasonable.  After all, since beautiful women are I believe part of God’s creation I don’t think there is anything wrong with enjoying that. For instance, last night at the Ash Wednesday services at my Church I could not help but notice the large number of younger, attractive females in attendance. I live in a university town so this may be considered odd or not odd, depending on your perspective. It was encouraging though, since it showed that there are a lot of younger people who do believe in certain things. I am sure many of them are learning about life right now so they may not be saints, but just the fact that they attend services shows some belief system other than beers and blowjobs that seem to be so common among college students today.

I have been doing some reading on the dating scene in today’s younger generation. It seems like such a sad thing sometimes. Now many of the same problems were there when I was younger, but I think the advance of technology has made things a bit more difficult for people today. I can understand the male plight over women today. The old rules are mostly gone. Men must now compete with women in different areas of life. The idea of finding a virgin to marry is almost non existent. And the allure of bedding as many women as possible now, due to sexual freedom, is almost impossible for most men to resist. I know because I have been dealing with these things for my whole life. To make matters worse, the younger generation, lets say those in their twenties, have been raised on a diet of internet porn, the Madonna/Brittany/MTV transformation of acceptable feminine standards, and a governmental/educational system which promotes gender equality to an almost absurd degree in almost all areas of life.

As a man I can understand the anger, frustration, even bitterness so many guys feel today about the overall situation. The rise of Game is a reaction to all this. There is a lot of confusion too because while we all want to find that nice, virginal girl, we also enjoy the unlimited sexual opportunities that seem to be out there too. So in the end, both men and women today participate in their own demise and confusion in so many ways.

What I have found is that having some spiritual base helps me get through all these things. Religions are far from perfect, but they are the last refuge of traditional standards and behaviors. And it does not matter what a person’s past is, we all have pasts, the important thing is where we are today in life. The secret thing about religion is that, for all those gamers out there secretly looking for that nice girl to marry, you are more likely to find her at a church or synagogue or some other similar place than at a bar, night club, or some such venue. Of course nice girls are found outside of religious venues as well, but you chances are better if you belong to a church or something similar.

And as I have said before, nice girls are hot.