(Again, another mature discussion of a phenomenon out there: the sex blog.  I will speaking graphically and honestly about this. )

For the past few years I would occasionally read some sex blogs. But let me be honest about these and I am sure it is the experience of most males who have read these. When I read them I was only interested in those written by women. I could care less about the so called exploits of my fellow males. The number one criteria in a sex blog was trying to figure out if the girl writing it was hot or not. Trust me, for all you online vixens out there, that is all we men care about. You see, what is important for most men is the pulchritude of the female writer. If she is not good looking I could care less about her writings on sex.  For all you liberated sex writers out there, if you think this is unfair you have to remember, that when you put yourself in the world of sexual conquest, sex stories, sexual openness, then you are going to be coldly judged by the standards men have and always will use. The number one standard when it comes to sex is looks. Most men do not want to see or read about unattractive women when it comes to sex. This is part of the raw brutality that all this sexual openness has wrought. Chivalry, even love, for the most part is dead. So much of true, deep, meaningful sex has been stifled. It has been largely done so by both men and women in the name of sexual equality and liberation. It has been replaced by bulimia, anorexia, cutting, self mutilation, depression, and substance abuse. That is not even to mention the glorification of deceit, selfishness and manipulation by both men and women in the pursuit of their sexual interests. Of course these things have been around since the beginning of time, but there is a certain glorification of them now, especially on the internet, and even more so among the alpha gamer bloggers and the women sex bloggers. I have known enough crass, manipulative men, and been involved with enough self loathing, miserable, sexually liberated women in my lifetime to know this is the truth of these things.

As far as sex blogs, in the rare case that a girl actually showed a part of her body, or a hint, and she seemed hot, then the sex blog got read. But it quickly became a bore. After a few stories about random sex, orgies, phone sex, and how wonderful it was to be a liberated, sexually charged women on prozac, I lost interest. I would then just jump to a porn site to see the good stuff. All this stuff gets old after a while. I am so sick of it by now.

Really, the whole porn/erotica industry is so tired and overworked. Please God, give us back some mystery in life. I love women who have some modesty. I love women who have some standards. I love women who are not easy.

This is what is beautiful. This is what I, and I think most men, really desire.

Natalie Portman looking quite beautiful

Natalie Portman looking quite beautiful

At least as this photo is concerned, this is the type of woman worth courting in the traditional sense.  She demands to be treated well.  She will be a challenge. She is a rare creature in today’s world. With a woman like this you will be forced to use you all your resources as a man,  you will have to dig deep into the recesses of your mind and soul and find whatever skill and knowledge you have amassed in the game of love, to win her over. The hunt, the chase, will be long, perhaps arduous and torturous, perhaps futile in the end, but it will have been worth it. Like someone who climbs a mountain, runs a marathon, suffers through war, you will be stronger and better in the end, and if in fact she rejects you, you will have learned enough about women to make your next object of desire that much more winnable. If you experience many women like this, with a few successes along the way, you will most likely become a master in the arts of love. All the mountain of porn in the world has nothing on this one image and what it represents.